Humans are non-native mortal humanoids who's ancestors came to the world of Ardaia seeking a new begiening and most of their ancestors had came to Ardaia by great starships that had traveled a great distance from their ancestral homeworld of Earth. The Humans has successively colonized New Hope Island which has become a place of wonder to the natives of the World of Ardaia due to the highly advance technology of the Humans. Most natives who have heard about the Humans and their advance technology are barred or banned from ever visiting the Humans out of fear, especially among the Shiftar and the oldest races that had descended from the Shiftar, but only few native races like the Ardaian Dwarf and the Ardaian Gnome has found profit in the trade of technology and ideas with the Humans while most ancient of the native races of Ardaia shuns the use of advance technology out of fear because they fear the repeat of the ancient dark days of their world's prehistoric past when their world was under the control of a powerful ancient alien race they called the Creators.