Dridar are a race of mysterious tauric immortals that are native to the continent of Rinnor, North Annor, Central Annor, South Annor, North Onnor, and South Onnor. They are strangely related to the Drindar, the Daian, the Ardaian Werecreature, the Ardaian Wight, the Mordar, the Ardaian Naga, the Ardaian Faerie, the Ardaian Merfolk, the Ardaian Vampire, the Ardaian Ghoul, and the Ardaian Chitine.

Other Names Edit

The Dridar are sometimes known as the Ardaian Driders or the Driders of Ardaia.

Physical Description Edit

From the waist up, the Dridar resembles their cousins the Drindar in appearance, but unlike the Drindar, a Dridar has clawed fingers, has pupil-less crystalline eyes, and has slightly shorter lower canine teeth then a Drindar, and from the waist down, the Dridar has the legs and abdomen that resembles that of a spider, but unlike a spider, the Dridar has a stinger.

Types Edit

There is up to one type of the Dridar and they are the Orb-weaver Dridar

Races Edit

There are up to six races of the Dridar and they are the Darkwood Dridar, the Obsidian Dridar, the Ivory Dridar, the Iron Dridar, the Gold Dridar, the Copper Dridar, the Bronze Dridar, and the Silver Dridar.

Mutant Type Edit

There is up to one mutant type of the Dridar and they are the Dridar Broodmother.